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Ein Loch macht noch keine Schale, aber mehrere!
Platos de cerámica artesanal
Difficulty: Medium Arcilla • Sellos • Esmalte para cerámica • Horno para cerámica
a person is throwing something into a small ceramic cup on a brown surface with a pink wall in the background
many bowls and plates are stacked on top of each other, with speckled glazes
two sculptures sitting on top of a wooden table
two ceramic vases sitting on top of a shelf
there are many different figurines on display
Rufford-104 Elizabeth Price
a ceramic pitcher with birds and flowers on it's side, sitting on a white surface
a woman is decorating a cake with chocolate icing and polka dots on it
a hand is picking up the top of two vases that are decorated with black and white designs
Shop Ceramics made by hand — Barro by Lucrecia
Shop Ceramics made by hand — Barro by Lucrecia
a person holding a plate with black designs on it