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a tray with food on top of it in front of a window overlooking the city
MONDAY UPDATE #43 - Leonie Hanne
toasted bread sticks on a plate next to two cups of coffee
Cake Rusk | Indian Cake Rusk (Eggless)
1h 25m
pancakes with bananas and blueberries on a plate next to a cup of coffee,
a breakfast plate with eggs, sausages, beans and toast on a wooden table
Remember Britain, in our time of need, we must gorge ourselves in the morning
two desserts on a plate with strawberries and powdered sugar
Strawberry Nutella Crepes
a plate topped with pancakes covered in powdered sugar and strawberries next to flowers
a white plate topped with slices of fruit covered in powdered sugar and whipped cream
Peaches & Cream Crêpes
breakfast platter with bacon, eggs, waffles, orange slices and strawberries
Easy breakfast board
a stack of pancakes covered in chocolate and raspberries with syrup on the side
Breakfast in Bed: 14 Heart-Shaped Foods for Valentine’s Day
heart shaped toast with an egg and bacon on it next to some guacamole
Egg-in-a-hole with bacon and avocado