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Critters - Real

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Artist: GlenAllison

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The Cat's Meow

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Chickadee In fall leaves  Soft earth tone colors make this original watercolor painting of an adorable chickadee a favorite!.Great piece for any room in the house.  An original  painting on watercolor paper. ---Frame and mat NOT included
Nicky Litchfield Quackers duckling | Signed Limited Edition Art | Free UK Delivery – The Rose Gallery

For the Birds

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I feel ridiculous.


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Easter Bunny Applicants

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✞Portrait of Christ ✞


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… by AliAsLaN

Going Buggy

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Here There Be Dragons

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... You're the One (Rubber Duckys)

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a painting of a blue chicken with white dots
Randy Rooster #forsale #ebay
a black and white drawing of a dog's face with long whiskers
Artist: GlenAllison
a white and black bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Day 3027:: RIP: Alex
an orange dragon statue sitting on top of a wooden box in a greenhouse filled with plants
some plants that are sitting on a wooden table in front of potted planters
a purple dragon statue sitting on top of a wooden table next to succulents
a blue dragon statue sitting next to potted plants
a blue dragon statue sitting on top of a wooden table next to potted plants
two birds are standing in the water near each other and one is touching its beak
Кулик. The sandpiper.
a colorful bird is standing on the ground
Nicobar Pigeon - Caloenas nicobarica
Nicobar Pigeon - Caloenas nicobarica