Take Time to Smell the Flowers

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Earth Laughs in Flowers

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Vertical sunflowers painting, original textured oil painting on canvas by Olena Leus. Vertical painting is a great decor, it doesn't need so many time as square or horizontal painting and it is easier to implement it in your interior. #sunflowerspainting #ukrianianart

Sunflowers, Too!

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two blue flowers are growing out of the moss
pink flowers with green leaves hanging from them
an image of colorful flowers in the sky
three white daisies with yellow center surrounded by green leaves
three pink flowers with yellow centers in front of a gray brick wall and green leaves
whimsical cosmos
a large yellow sunflower with green leaves
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a close up of a blue flower with green leaves
Chicory by Frank Townsley
a large yellow sunflower with green leaves
FLOWER POWER — flowersgardenlove: Ruffley looking sunf...
blue flowers with green stems in the foreground