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sticky notes with the words positive messages for students using sticky notes
Positive Messages for Students That Truly Pack a Punch
Are you a teacher who is looking for new and fun ways to inspire your students using positive messages? These sticky notes are a unique way to infuse inspiration and motivation in your classroom! Giving your students more encouragement and hope is a win for student success!
a yellow and white photo frame with a poem in it on the wall next to a shelf
advice for marriage from first grade students, read at our wedding, reformatted and framed
a child's drawing on the wall next to a sign that says wedding advice for miss nelson
I am a Kindergarten Teacher, so I had my students color a picture and write Wedding Advice for me before my wedding. I so want to do this next year!
a plate with many people drawn on it and the words congratulations written in different languages
Teacher getting married
17 best images about Teacher getting married on Pinterest | Best ...
a sign that says lesson plan for a happy marriage next to some cupcakes
Lavender/Teacher Bridal/Wedding Shower Party Ideas | Photo 7 of 13
Photo 7 of 13: Lavender/Teacher / Bridal/Wedding Shower "Lessons for a Happy Marriage" | Catch My Party
a chalk board with writing on it
Homework: Happily Ever After
Vintage School themed wedding | frenzel photographers
a hand holding up a framed apple with words in it on a wooden table top
Apple-themed Teacher Gifts - Teacher Appreciation Week (2024)
What an adorable gift for your child's teacher! All the names of his/her students.