Ceramic slab work

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Unusual painting methods make this pottery unique
a pink and black vase sitting on top of a white table
Susan Simonini
Susan Simonini
two painted pots sitting on top of a white table
ceramics 2013-2020 — Susan Simonini
ceramics 2013-2020 — Susan Simonini
four plates with abstract designs on them hanging from a ceiling fixture in front of a black and white wall
Donna Wilson-Autumn Leaf Dinner Plate
the Autumn Leaf Dinner Plate is decorated with an abstract design in autumnal colours. Every plate is painted by hand, meaning each one is unique. A matching side plate is also available, as well as a complementary Spring Oak Dinner Plate. 100% stoneware. Made in Portugal. Dimensions: 26 cm
two bowls with spoons next to each other
Sway Stoneware Low Bowl
Constellation Salad Plate | west elm UK