Cookies and biscuits

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snowmen decorated cookies on a white plate with green trimmings and orange noses
Biscoitos Decorados - Receitas e técnicas - Confeiteira de Sucesso
decorated christmas cookies on a red plate
Cute holiday set up for a tray of cookies. Could use this to make a summer flower, too!
Pastry Art Goldfish
These could easily be made with cookie dough.
there is a table set up with many chairs
This Is The World's Most Intricate Gingerbread House
a large gingerbread house made to look like it's coming out of the woods
If Dr. Seuss lived in a gingerbread house....
cookies and lemons on a cooling rack next to a glass of orange juice
Lemon Curd Cookies With Meringue
Lemon Meringue Cookie Tarts. Sweet and sour treat.
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