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a table with scissors, greens and other things on it in the shape of a pool
Rosemary, tomato leaves, sage and lavender to practice scissor skills. (I like the table too... wonder how I could make one?!)
an advertisement for nature inspired provocations with cookies and pastries in the foreground
Nature Inspired Provocations - Rosa Parks ECEC - Fairy Dust Teaching
Get inspired with these Nature Inspired Provocations in a Reggio-Inspired school @!: http://fairydustteaching.com2015/10/nature_inspired_provocations/
an arrangement of wooden spinning wheels and numbers on a green mat with wood pegs
Math numeracy set - counting - with natural materials - Fingadingadoo ≈≈
the words regio - inspired math are displayed in front of pots and spoons
Reggio Inspired: Math - Fairy Dust Teaching
Reggio-Inspired Math Activities and Ideas. Find out more at Fairy Dust Teaching.
a child is painting a rock with paintbrushes
Open ended provocation using water and a brush, nice for exploring permeable surfaces
some rocks and other items that are on display in a basket with text overlaying them
Invitations to Explore with Rocks | Reggio Inspired Provocations
a basket with pencils and paper on top of a table next to a wooden block
Literacy Through Play and Projects
Leave clipboards, paper and pencils in the building area for students to sketch and label their structures.
rocks with the words stones for play written on them and in different colors, sizes and shapes
10+ Stone and Rock Crafts for Kids - Happy Hooligans
10+ Stone Activities for Kids - Happy Hooligans
some rocks are in a basket on the floor and one is made out of stones
Gradual Admission - Stimulating Learning
A look at a classroom with several intriguing Reggio-styled activities, including signing in with rocks...
there are pictures of rocks and paper on the table with text overlay that says mega - inspired preschool math
reggio inspired preschool math - Wildflower Ramblings
reggio inspired preschool math #mathinspiration #reggioinspired #playbasedlearning #takebackplay
an image of a table with various items on it and the words create your own jungle world using a selection of loose parts and a sand tray
Sensory table jungle extension
a bulletin board with pictures on it that says we are independent
reggio emilia classroom decorations
Image result for reggio emilia classroom documentation
a basket filled with lots of sticks sitting on top of a wooden table next to yarn
#finemotor #lacing #naturalmaterials #reggioinspired