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two green and white chairs sitting on top of a wooden floor
the table is set with pink and gold plates
#dinner #ocean #beach #pink #dinnertable #pinkchairs #pinktable #candleholders #coquette
an unmade bed sitting in front of a window next to a plant covered wall
25 Summer Bedroom Ideas for a Night Under the Stars
Bring the magic of a night under the stars into your bedroom with these dreamy summer bedroom ideas, ideal for star-gazers.
an indoor swimming pool surrounded by columns and arches with water reflecting off the floor in front of it
a woman sitting at a table with pink chairs
an image of a woman hugging a man in the shape of a kiss on her cheek
Klimt muppets Poster
Red aesthetic, red inspo
Red aesthetic, red inspo
a woman in red boots is sitting on a chair with her mouth open and holding an umbrella
Tangiers Lounge | Особняк Мистера Т.
there are many vases with flowers in them on the table next to each other
A Guide to a Pastel Aesthetic Lifestyle (Danish, Soft, Kawaii)
Pastel colors are so appealing to the senses when it comes to the meaning of colors and what they can make us feel, that the Pastel Aesthetic even becomes a whole mood, or even on a deeper level, a whole lifestyle. I like to take some time to write these aesthetic guides because I see ¨aesthetic¨ as an amazing term to describe a wonderful mix of lifestyle & mood in a visual way. You look at an aesthetic picture and it instantly makes you feel something. So, aesthetics is such a nice tool and shortcut to help us connect with our archetypes, feelings, and moods, and follow our hearts to create an authentic lifestyle In this post, I will discuss the possibilities and meanings behind the pretty and dainty Pastel Aesthetic.
the tables are set up with red and yellow flowers in vases, lemons and water
gloriosa lily