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Snow men

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"Canoe at Dusk" is an exquisite oil painting that captures the tranquil beauty of nature's repose. Rendered with a rich palette and a textured impasto technique, this piece invites the viewer into a serene landscape where time seems to stand still. The foreground features a delicately crafted canoe resting on the shore, suggesting the end of a day's journey or the anticipation of an adventure at dawn. The water is alive with reflections of the vibrant sky, as the sun casts its golden hues across


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Lion painting

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Early 2000s they dosed me, but didnt get me that night. I couldnt stay awake, so I let go....I woke ice cold; my skin was cold to the touch. I know I almost died that night and in hindsight I can "SEE."

Angel Art

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a black and white drawing of a snowman wearing a top hat with stars in the background
a snowboard that has been painted on the side of a wooden pole with a light Photo Editor Load tool
a painting of a cow with flowers on its head
The Oldest Dairy Farm In California Is Now Growing Almonds Instead
a wooden sign with pumpkins and sunflowers painted on it
an oil painting of pumpkins and a lantern
Autumn Warmth by Ann Tristani