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Forest in the Mist Mural, Removable Wallpaper, Self Adhesive Wallpaper, Pasted Wallpaper, Mural, Temporary, Feature Wall

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Bring the outdoors indoors with our stunningly atmospheric Forest in the Mist wall mural. This mural creates the most perfect backdrop to your room and gives you some serious chill vibes. What's not to love?!
You will find a list of sizes that you can choose from, some of which may be supplied as more than one drop and butt joined together. If you don't see a size that fits your wall dimensions then please get in touch. I can provide a bespoke, made to measure service to cater for this. Also, if you would like the scale of the image of pattern or colour to be adjusted then please let me know and I can send a visual prior to printing.
I advise you to add some excess on to your wall dimensions in case your walls aren't perfectly straight. The general recommendation would be 10 cm to the width and height. (eg. your wall 240 cm x 240 cm + 10 cm all round = 250 cm x 250 cm)
Ordering an A4 sample is recommended before placing a full order as colours can appear differently on screen.
If you have any questions then I can be contacted via phone (0141 840 4905) or email (becky@bbwallpaper.co.uk).
Bonnie & Bold Wallpaper is:
+ Made to measure
+ Printed to order
+ Digitally printed
+ Can be designed and printed to your exact requirements
+ Available in pasted OR removable peel + stick material
+ Printed so each panel butt joins together
60 cm (w) x 260 cm (h) / 1.96 ft (w) x 8.53 ft (h)
60 cm (w) x 310 cm (h) / 1.96 ft (w) x 10.17 ft (h)
120 cm (w) x 260 cm (h) / 3.93 ft (w) x 8.53 ft (h)
120 cm (w) x 310 cm (h) / 3.93 ft (w) x 10.17 ft (h)
240 cm (w) x 240 cm (h) / 7.87 ft (w) x 7.87 ft (h)
310 cm (w) x 310 cm (h) / 10.17 ft (w) x 10.17 ft (h)
340 cm (w) x 260 cm (h) / 11.15 ft (w) x 8.53 ft (h)
380 cm (w) x 260 cm (h) / 12.46 ft (w) x 8.53 ft (h)
460 cm (w) x 260 cm (h) / 15.09 ft (w) x 8.53 ft (h)
460 cm (w) x 310 cm (h) / 15.09 ft (w) x 10.17 ft (h)
All patterns and images can be printed to you wall dimensions. Provide your measurements in whichever way you feel most comfortable (ft, inches, cm, mm or m) and I'm more that happy to work out what you need. I can also send a visual to demonstrate how the wallpaper will be supplied and where your joins will be.
The removable peel + stick wallpaper is an innovative no paste, no mess solution to traditional wallpaper. You can remove and reapply multiple times leaving little or no residue. It's a high grade, textured poly-woven material that won't crease or rip and water and scratch resistant too.
· Best applied to a smooth clean surface
· The material has a small amount of transparency so darker wall colours may show through.
· We recommend that the wallpaper is installed on smooth lightly coloured walls.
· Allow 2 - 3 weeks to dry if you decide to paint your walls beforehand.
· Conditions such as damp, dust and uneven surfaces can affect the stickiness of the wallpaper.
· Ensure that the walls are clean and prepared before you begin.
Our pasteable wallpaper material has a lovely texture and is of the highest quality. It is also fully fire rated (Fire Performance (Euroclassification EN 13501-1:2007) B - s2,d0).
· Brush off area to be covered with a stiff bristle brush to remove all dirt and loose material.
· All surface marks should be removed using a detergent solution.
· Allow to dry thoroughly before applying your wallpaper.
· Any mould or algae on the surface should be treated with a fungicidal wash, following instructions on the product. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying your wallpaper.
· Any holes, cracks or defects in the surface should be filled with a good quality filler, smoothed out and allowed to dry.
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