an image of some plants and birds in the forest with green leaves on it's sides
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Panorama | Jungla Monaco by Officinarkitettura | Architonic

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Officinarkitettura® presents Panorama, the new collection inspired by views and history of wallpaper from the early 1900s, when they were used as decoration trompe-l’oeil effect to decorate and enrich the walls of sumptuous European or American villas, works depicting distant exotic landscapes, Italian views, naturalistic elements and pristine jungles. The attention to the natural world does not concern only the images but also the choice of the support. In fact, an eco-friendly and totally pvc-free wallpaper has been selected for this collection, without losing the resistance characteristics necessary to guarantee the quality of the product. Come all Officinarkitettura® collections, Panorama can also be reproduced on Kerlite® thin stoneware, large hand-finished size and on glass fiber fabric that can be coupled with a special sound-absorbing honeycomb veil. The styles that make up the collection are different: naif, illustrative, oriental influences, for involve all the senses and arouse the interest of those who live them, creating dreamlike atmospheres. Collection available on: - Kerlite® thin laminated stoneware (size 100 x 300, thickness 3,5 mm) to create themes of total dimensions 500 x 300 cm hand-finished; - print on paper or nonwoven vinylic support; - fiberglass fabric suitable for interior wallcovering.‎‎‎‎‎ The image can be customized; - ECO breathable cellulose fiber - fiberglass fabric suitable for indoor application also in moisture spaces
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