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four different types of business cards being held in one hand and folded on the other
25 Creative Brochure Designs For Inspiration
b9f664513fa51c5d3fbe9cef52c3ea9a 25 Creative Brochure Designs For Inspiration
an open magazine with black and white graphics on the front cover, featuring information about data
Design Marketing Brochure / A4 and US Letter
Design Marketing Brochure – 32 PagesMinimal and Professional Marketing Brochure Design for creative businesses, created in Adobe InDesign that comes with two paper sizes including US Letter and International A4.This Brochure features: A4 page size a…
the process of cutting out paper with scissors and glue on top of it, in different stages
This year the spanish rumba fusion band “La Pegatina” are celebrating their 10th aniversary, I was commisioned to created a logo on paper for one of the t-shirts for their aniversary.
the inside of a cardboard box that is open to show furniture and accessories in it
思わず買いたくなる。IKEAのダイレクトメールがすごすぎる - IKEA Packaging Design Inspirations -
IKEA #Packaging #Design Inspirations, who wouldn't want to receive this #packaging promo? #2014 top pin PD
a book cover with an image of people in the background and text that reads sometimes you have to go down to college
Dad's Scrapbook.
Dad's Scrapbook. by Scott McRoy, via Behance
the forks and coors poster is shown in blue, with an ornate design on it
Forks & Corks 2014
Forks & Corks 2014 by Willoughby Design
a person holding up some red and white tags
BLOG — Bryan Patrick Todd
Blog — Bryan Patrick Todd
the contents of a coffee cup and other items laid out on top of a table
San Francisco Coffee Company
an open christmas card with the words special delivery on it
Masterson’s Rye
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four christmas themed cups are stacked on top of each other
Masterson’s Rye
12 11 13 PaneraBread13Holiday 7