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a painting of a man holding a glass in front of two other men and one woman
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the interior of a church with people sitting and standing
two people with different types of science and technology in their hands, one is talking to the other
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an image of a man holding a bat in front of him and the caption that says,'enlightenment '
an image of a man making faces with his hands and the words how jesus should have said
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two men in black robes and hats, one with a bible quote on the side
Thank God for our Magisterium! Once Luther promoted "Sola Scriptura" or the "Bible Alone" theory, that started the tsunami of division within Protestantism. Today, there are 30,000-40,000 independent Christian sects with 20+ major denominations on top of that all disagreeing with one another. What a mess non-apostolic traditions and wrong interpretations can create. Thank God for the Holy Spirit guiding the Catholic Church into All Truth. Without God's protection the Church would be destroyed.
How To Stress Out Eastern Catholics Roman, Orthodox Prayers, Orthodox Christianity
John 13:34
How To Stress Out Eastern Catholics
the catholic church isn't diverse
two pictures with the same caption in different languages, one has an image of martin luther