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a man kissing a woman with the caption when boys make silly faces with you
Im Lucky Lady To have found that someone who makes me happy :)
someone is playing mario party with family on the tv screen and holding a wii remote
"Can I play wii?" *later* "KNOCKOUT! THE PABLONATOR KNOCKED YOU OUT! I PWNED YOU! WEEEE!" -Frank Jr. (Pablo) the rebound
Yet, when I go with friends.. actually buying  things is the last thing on my mind Tumblr, Pink Beige, Adidas Cap, Juicy J, Budget Shopping, Shop Till You Drop, Shopping Spree, Retail Therapy
And That's Who I Am
Yet, when I go with friends.. actually buying things is the last thing on my mind
someone is texting on their cell phone while sitting in front of an open book
Haha...this is me right now for I'm on interest and not doing my homework, but the statement is true any time of day
an open book sitting on top of a piano
I can't play but one of my friend can, I ask him to play for me all the time he plays this one really pretty song.... THE BEST
several different types of hair accessories on a bed with the words forever 2 1 accessories
They're all so cute and cheap, I could literally spend all day in that store!
just girly things Teen Fashion, Tumblr Fashion, Playing Dress Up, Cute Shirts, Passion For Fashion
just girly things
someone is holding up their phone case with an anchor pattern on the front and back
i wanna anchor tattoo that has a quote next to it saying 'Nothing will weigh me down"
a woman laying in bed next to a man with headphones on his ears and the words listen to music with me
Why are they listening to headphones when you could just put it on the radio?
a woman taking a photo with her cell phone in front of other women at a wedding
Oh so girly♥ I will most likely be thinly of anything and everything that could possibly go wrong.
a bed with pink and white sheets, pillows and a headboard in the corner
I will have a big comfy bed that is high up. I don't like beds that are close to the ground. Of course in my bedroom.
a palm tree leaning over the beach as the sun sets on the ocean behind it
Oh my gosh!!!!! I think this was made for me!!!! I want to go back sososososo bad!!!!!