Wrapping with Newspaper

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an open book wrapped in paper and tied to a string with flowers on it, sitting on top of a white surface
|| Helga Noack
a wrapped present sitting on top of a piece of newspaper with red berries tied to it
Wrapped with Magazines #gift #wrapping #presents #packaging #christmas #simple #holly
a gift wrapped in burlap with a gingham ribbon tied around it
Newspaper, string, tape, a sprig of rosemary and an old black and white photograph.
a wrapped gift with a pink bow on it
Pretty Packages
pretty newspaper wrap
a gift wrapped in brown paper with a deer tag on it's side and string tied around the top
Book pages, twine and a tag. Elizabeth Joan Designs.
two books stacked on top of each other with a small tree sitting on top of them
Simple,natural gift wrapping ideas via @Shannon Bellanca Ross Magazine http://gatheringsmag.com/shop Digital edition available.
an old comic book wrapped in paper with a bow on it's top and the cover is folded up
Creative Gift Wrap Ideas
two pieces of paper wrapped in twine on top of each other with a tag attached to them
The Vault: Curated & Refined Wedding Inspiration
#wedding gifts
several wrapped presents are stacked on top of each other
Newsprint Inspired Christmas
newspaper as gift wrap
an open book with flowers on it and a tag attached to the pages that have been folded
Hearts and Flowers
made from pages of an old book
a stack of books wrapped in paper with a red ornament on top
ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other: Dreamy Decor!
a piece of paper that has some red string on it
several small boxes filled with different types of items on a tableclothed surface, one is empty and the other has black numbers
Adventskalender No. 13 – Zeitungspapier & Masking Tapes