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an analog clock with red hands on a white surface
The One-Handed Clock in a Digital Era
The One-Handed Clock in a Digital Era
a white board with some paper plates on it and time to do the same thing
#Measurement | Class Roome
For teens who don't know how to tell time: Teaching Time-anchor chart connecting telling time to the quarter and half hour with fractions of a circle.
telling time worksheet with four different times to the hour and five pasts
Seomra Ranga on Twitter
Peg Analogue Time
a paper plate clock with the numbers on it being held by a person's hand
School Website, CMS & Communications Platform | Finalsite
We create and use "peek-a-boo" clocks during our time unit. These are clocks made from two paper plates. The top plate has the clock face with numbers written in red. These numbers are cut so that they lift to show the minute numbers (written on the bottom plate) in blue. The hands of the clock are bobby pins (one small and one large) spray painted red (hour hand) to match the numbers on the clock face and blue (minute hand) to match the numbers underneath the flap.
a red circle with an arrow pointing to the center
Math Coach's Corner
Math Coach's Corner: The Evolution of a Number Bond. Understanding number bonds and how to compose and decompose numbers are incredibly powerful number sense skills that can benefit students of all ages. See examples from Kindergarten through 4th grade.
a paper plate clock with the time telling twelve o'clock
Time Teller - Lift and Peek
Why didn't I think of this? Genius way to teach your kid to tell time
two children sitting on the floor in front of some papers with numbers and letters written on them
Mrs. T's First Grade: Telling Time: Human Clock. This was pretty fun in the 5E!
a pink and white clock with the words clock foldable on it's face
The BEST and BRIGHTEST of 2012!
Clock Foldable Freebie
a child is playing with legos on the paper that they are made out of
hands-on investigation for learning how to understand time!
a clock with a lion face on it
Interactive telling time | best apps for kids | Android iPad iPhone
KIDS: Interactive telling time
telling time is the best way to teach children how to tell time in different ways
300 Multiple Choices
Instant Display Teaching Resources, Resource Preview
the computer screen shows an error for playing video games on television or in other languages
Measuring: Time and date
Hours vs minutes game
a screen shot of a clock with arrows pointing to different times
Flash Elapsed Time Line
Interactive Whiteboard Resource