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a clear box filled with lots of pink and gold ornaments on top of a marble counter
Stationery : Paperclips + Pins Box
four different colored lighters with cats drawn on the front and side of each one
Pastel cat highlighters - set of 5
a pink and gold sticky notepad sitting on top of a white table next to a pink wall
Sticky Notes & Memo Blocks
three pairs of socks with paw prints on them in a box next to a pink wall
Paperchase Discount Code & Sale - August 2022 Sale
three moon phases hanging on the wall above a bed with a plant in front of it
Magic Moon Phase Marble Wall Hanging – Makeful
Magic Moon Phase Marble Wall Hanging In astrology, new moons are known as a time for reflecting on the past, seeing what has been working for you and what hasn't, and setting new intentions and goals for your future. To celebrate, we made this gorgeous DIY moon phase wall hanging from different colours of polymer clay to create a shimmering marble effect, and used copper pipe to display the various phases of the moon. Get ready to enjoy the moon outdoors and indoors, too!
three pictures of dried lavender flowers on white background
Dried Flowers 16493: Natural Air Dried Lilac Larkspur Flowers Floral Foliage Flower -> BUY IT NOW ONLY: $11.95 on #eBay #dried #flowers #natural #lilac #larkspur #floral #foliage #flower
small white ceramic pots with plants growing out of them on the wall in an arrangement
Set Small Wall Hanging Ceramic pots, illustrated pottery, planter, cache pot, OOAK, #typesofpottery
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a bunch of magnets
19 Easy IKEA Desks That Will Transform Your Workspace
IKEA Hacks for Organized Office Desk and Workspace | Apartment Therapy
a bulletin board with many different things on it and a potted plant next to it
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a bulletin board with pictures and magnets attached to the wall, hanging on a door
DIY shabby chic corkboard!
DIY shabby chic corkboard!
three glass vases with plants in them hanging from a wooden hexagonal shelf
Best Terrarium Ideas 84 - meowlogy
Best Terrarium Ideas 84
a small plant in a glass container filled with dirt and plants on a white surface
Mini Zinc Wall Terrarium
Slide View: 3: Mini Zinc Wall Terrarium
a white plate with flowers hanging from it's side next to a potted plant
Pressed Flower Round Frame
Pressed Flower Round Frame | Urban Outfitters UK
a white frame hanging on the wall with flowers and a tag attached to it's side
5+ Adorable Cork Board Ideas [Images]
Adorable Cork Board Ideas #CorkBoard