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Blooming Yoga on PWR Programs!
We have a very special announcement to make! 🙌 Let's give a give a very warm welcome to our latest PWR Programs instructor Tamuna Lomidze! 💛 Her new program "Blooming Yoga" program is coming soon on PWR Programs! 🧘‍♀️ And of course, we have a very special offer! 👌 The first 100 people to sign up will receive an exclusive 10% discount on their first month of "Blooming Yoga" program + a special gift. 🎁 Sign up today! 💛 Link in the comment section 👇 #YogaPractice #PWRPrograms #YogaFlo
The time has come!
Begin your fitness journey with PWR Programs, tailor-made for women seeking effective workouts that can be done in the comfort of their homes or at the gym! 🔥 Our programs cater to a diverse audience of women, spanning both beginner fitness enthusiasts and those with more advanced training backgrounds. 💪 At the core of PWR Programs is a commitment to women's health and well-being. 💛 Explore all programs! #PWRPrograms #StartNow
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Workout anywhere, anytime with PWR Programs!
Join hundreds of women who have already achieved their fitness goals! 🏆 Start your free trial and get an unlimited access to all workout videos, nutrition tips, and the supportive PWR Community! 💛 Start your free 7-day trial! 👋 #7DayFreeTrial #PWRPrograms #HomeWorkouts #WomenFitness #GymWorkout #FitWomen #PWR
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Autumn Strong! 🍃
Let the colorful leaves outside inspire your indoor workouts, and watch your strength and confidence bloom like the changing seasons. 💛 What's included in PWR Program Monthly Offer: ▪7-Day Abs Workout No Equipment; ▪7-Day HIIT Program No Equipment; ▪10-Week Zero Equipment; ▪PWR Home Program 12-Weeks; ▪Restart One More Time. Access monthly plan today for 18€! ⚡ #AutumnStrong #PWRPrograms #HomeWorkouts #WomenFitness
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Start your 7-day free trial!
two women are doing exercises with dumbbells and one is holding a cross - training bag
Start 7-Day Free Trial!
Big Announcement! ⚡ From today PWR Programs offers something really special, a 7-Day Free Trial! 🔥 Where you can access all home and gym workout videos! 🏋️‍♀️ So why wait? #FreeTrial #PWRPrograms #WomenFitness
a woman doing an exercise with the text home workouts yearly plan get a discount today 30 % off
Get 30% off a yearly PWR Programs subscription!
Get 30% off a yearly PWR Programs subscription plan. Use coupon code: PWRFUL30 12-Month Membership Plan Includes: • 7-Day Abs & HIIT Workouts • 10-Week Zero Equipment Challenge • Pregnancy Program: Move From Zero • PWR Home Program (12-Weeks) • Recharge & Restart • Zero Equipment Stronger • Move Up • Free Video Bonuses On-demand videos, so you can workout anywhere, anytime! #PWRPrograms #HomeWorkouts #WomenFitness
the sweeps giveaway is now available for $ 1, 000 and includes an iphone, tablet
Enter Giveaway and Get a chance to Win Special Prizes!
Rules to Enter: ✔ Click the link to register 👇 ✔ Like this post and tag 1 friend. ✔ Repost this on your profile. Don't miss out on the chance to win the ultimate PWR Home Program Monthly Membership and 14 Days to Ultimate PWR program! 🤩 Good luck to all participants! 🌟 #PWRGiveaway #FreeGiveaway #Pwrprograms #WomenFitness #SpecialPrizes #PWR
For the next 24 hours...
Summer has almost passed...🌥 But the fitness results from your home or gym training will stay with you! 💪 Seize this opportunity now to get PWR Programs yearly plan for 90.90€, down from the regular price of €181.80 ⚡ **This offer is available for the next 24 hours only.** #dailyworkouts #fitnessathome #trainwithme #dailytraining #trainingathome #homefitness
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Access PWR Programs 7-day free trial!
What's included in PWR Programs: 7-Day Abs Workout No Equipment; 7-Day HIIT Program No Equipment; 10-Week Zero Equipment; Move From Zero (Pregnancy Program); PWR Home Program 12-Weeks; Recharge Batteries; Restart One More Time; Zero Equipment Stronger; 14 Days to Ultimate PWR Move Up; Free Video Bonuses. And any additional videos that will be added in the future...
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14 Days to Ultimate PWR!
Reshape your body and boost your strength with two week home workout program! 👌 From burning fat to sculpting your core, each day presents a new challenge to keep you engaged and motivated. 💪 ⚠️ **This is a limited time offer** Click the link in the comment section 👇 #womenfitness #twoweeks #homeworkout #pwrprograms #healthyrecipeideas #pwr
Wether it's home or gym...
PWR Programs: Recharge Batteries
a bowl of soup with tofu, spinach and chickpeas in it
Delicious Soup Recipe in Only 35-Minutes.
Delicious Soup Recipe in Only 35-Minutes. 🥣 ✔️1 Onion. ✔️3-4 Cloves of garlic. ✔️1 Large celery. ✔️1 Large carrot. ✔️2 Large potatoes chopped. ✔️Spinach leaves. ✔️Black pepper/salt. ✔️Tofu (if you do not have, no problem). ✔️Lentil. Fry everything and add water, until soft and nice. Finally, add the spinach leaves and tofu. 👌 Enjoy! 😋 Find more delicious recipes at: #souprecipe #healthyfood #foodrecipes