Collage design

an image of a woman sitting on the ground
remezcla | on my own terms
a man and woman dancing together in front of yellow flowers on a white background with the words dance is a song
Listen to Typography
Listen to typography - 013 on Behance
a drawing of a woman holding her hands out in front of her face with the shadow of a man's head behind her
Joe Webb
an assortment of stickers that say, feel good and don't be afraid to do
Feel Good Badges
With these collection of badges/stickers I wanted to portray the different tiny triumphs in my every day life as a way of "reward". We need to learn how to reward ourselves along the journey, challenge ourselves everyday and enjoy the baby steps. #Badges #Character #GraphicDesign #Stickers
an image of a woman with glasses on her head and holding a handbag in front of her face
a person's hand holding an image of a city
//Human//Creation// by ashleyjosephedwards, via Flickr (add text, of course)