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a sculpture made out of branches in the snow
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Jaakko Pernu. (2012) Siglo XXI.
an aerial view of food trucks and people on the sidewalk in front of a building
Where to find food trucks in downtown Grand Rapids this year
Food truck season officially starts Tuesday in Grand Rapids.
a painting of a black cat with pink tongue and eyes looking up at the sky
Original acrylic canvas painting whimsical black fat cat art The Blue Cat (1) | eBay
Original acrylic canvas painting whimsical black fat cat art The Blue Cat (1) #Modernism
two people made out of toilet paper standing in front of a wall with their hands wrapped around them
Organisme de formation architecture, conception de prototype à échelle 1, maquette échelle 1
les grands ateliers
there is a sculpture made out of yarn on the floor in an empty room with white walls
10 Pioneering Textile Artists, from Sheila Hicks to Nick Cave | Artsy
Sheila Hicks
a large sculpture made out of many different colored boxes
One Thousand Shacks by Tracey Snelling
popular top 20 - 3D Tracey Snelling - One Thousand Shacks - shows the perilous situation that the world’s poor face -- the social problems, as well as the strength that is demonstrated as they struggle to survive. A mixed media sculptural installation, it consists of a 16 ft tall x 10 ft wide wall of small-scale shacks, piled high in an organized mess.
a group of people standing in front of a building with a giant object on top of it
Art Prize Grand Rapids Mi
a boat sitting on the side of a river next to a bridge
art prize 2013
a woman's face made out of various objects
Grand Rapids Art Prize 2013
people are standing around looking at an art installation in the grass with white figures on it
Watch Muskegon Go | Grand Rapids, Michigan | WZZM-TV
"Movement" -- Grand Rapids Public Museum -- by Craig Merchant from Wyoming, Mich. public vote top 20 category, Time Based
an elephant painting on the wall in front of a group of people and elephants with birds flying around it
"Elephants" by Adonna Khare, the top winner of Artprize 2012, and the $200,000 first prize. Artprize is the world's largest art prize and competition with over $560,000 in prize money. 1,517 entries were displayed in 161 venues across 3 square miles of Grand Rapids, anyone over 18 can submit work. This year, held between 9/19 and 10/7 2012. It is a great time in Grand Rapids
a horse made out of gold coins in a room
Grand Rapids Art Prize 2013
the city is full of tall buildings with flags flying in front of them and on the other side of the river
Grand rapids mi. Art prize
a man standing in front of a large paper art piece hanging from the side of a wall
Grand Rapids Art Prize 2013
a lighted tree in front of a building at night with purple lights on it's branches
Invasive Species by Shiny Seed
popular top 20 - 3D Shiny Seed - Invasive Species - An invasive species can be a positive or negative presence in a habitat. It can be pervasive and proliferate quickly. We as a species have bloomed in this world and shaped it to our will. We are always at a point that we must choose to make our impact positive rather than negative. In the end our hand print on the world will shape our collective future. We hope to infect our invasive species in order to make that positive growth. It all sta...