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an image of a map on the wall above a table with books and other items
DIY World Map with Lights >>> New Hazel & Ruby Maps of the World Wrap It Up Paper
Love everything about this but would be tropical theme
an open book shelf filled with books next to stacks of japanese magazines and other items
Easy Gluten Free Recipes - Iowa Girl Eats
instead of photo albums, a place for all of the keepsakes! Cute idea for those that travel.
an open book with pictures and writing on it
One way to preserve your study abroad memories is to put together a good old fashioned scrapbook so you can always look back and remember your time abroad.
a wooden desk topped with a metal chair next to a wall mounted art work frame
Photography | Family Photos | Home Decor | Art
#Vintage #frame with screen backing creates a fun way to #display your study abroad photos over your desk.
an art piece with the words venice italy surrounded by other items and things that are on display
One for each place you visited while abroad.
two suitcases sitting on top of a shelf next to each other in front of a yellow wall
must do this to our travel books
there are many jars with pictures in them on the shelf next to books and a mirror
Travel memory jars
four wooden boxes with stamps on them sitting on a piece of brown paper next to a pair of scissors
memorable pages of your passport copied to coasters
two girls are playing with magnets on a map
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Can’t Travel? Then Try These 9 Fun Travel DIYs
a framed photo with notes attached to it
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How to display all of your passport stamps
a globe with writing on it sitting on top of an old book | The official home for all things Disney
Can't Travel? Then Try These 9 Fun Travel DIYs
four mason jars filled with money sitting on top of a table
The Abroad Guide 404 page -- oops!
Travel savings jar diy
a child's table and chair with a world map on it
One IKEA LATT Table, Three Hacks
One IKEA LATT Table, Three Hacks | Apartment Therapy
someone is holding an open notebook with writing on it
Make a food passport.
Make a food passport for a friend who will be studying abroad in the same place that you did!
two plates with cupcakes on them are sitting on a map covered table top
Upcycling map table top