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there is a bookshelf with many books on it in front of a window
two men are smiling and one is wearing a wreath on his head while the other looks at him
dead poets society 1989
Dead Poets Society 1898 - playlist by sans<3 | Spotify
a person is playing chess on a table with silver figurines in the foreground
people are walking up and down the stairs in an old building
the long tables are lined up in the cathedral with books on them and lamps hanging from the ceiling
a man is playing the piano with his hands and fingers on it's keys
a person playing the piano in front of a window with lace curtain behind it and curtains on either side
Grunge Outfits, Drake, Eminem, Dorian Gray, Regulus Black, Song Hye Kyo, The Marauders
a man sitting down reading a book with his legs crossed in front of him,
an image of a desk with books and writing utensils on it in front of a magnifying glass