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A close up vertical image of the vibrant purple foliage of Persian shield growing in the garden. To the top and bottom of the frame is green and white printed text. Planting Flowers, Shaded Garden, Shade Plants, Shade Garden, Outdoor Plants, Garden Plants, Indoor Plants, Plant Care Houseplant, Growing Plants
How to Grow Persian Shield, a Vividly Hued Foliage Plant
some pink and blue flowers are in a vase
6 plants and where to cut when propagating
Hope this was helpful, useful, or you learned something. If so, let me know if you’d like for me to go more of these. A tip I encourage is to let the cutting end dry before putting in the medium to propagate. Some other plants you can propagate just by it’s stem without nodes: peperomias, African violets, and Hoyas There are many mediums you can use to propagate: water, perlite, Leca, sphagnum moss, fluval, pon, and soil. Some plants will prefer certain mediums, and over time you’ll also decide what’s your favorite method. So far for me, my favorite is water or perlite.
How to grow a jungle: FAST
Plant care • pothos • Trailing plants • Propagation • Indoor plants • Indoor jungle • Plants • Foliage plants • Container plants • Shade plants
Show me a more beautiful plant but I don’t think you can 🌸
a bathtub with plants hanging from the ceiling and rug on the floor next to it
two glass jars filled with rocks and plants
10 Inspiring Containers For Your Winter Bulbs
Attaching Pothos To Wall
Want to create a stunning wall of greenery in your home? Learn how to attach pothos to the wall with these simple tips and tricks. #pothos #wallplants #homedecor ----- credit: reenasplants
the tweep is being used as a planter for some kind of things