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So I Received This Death Threat The Other Night…
the text reads, why i don't have any friends? me talks about jeffy dahmer my friends please shut up talk about somebody else
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a tweet that reads, imagine getting murdered and u go to heaven and god's like they turned our gruesome death story into a
Tweets From True Crime Fans Observing Life
a man driving a car with the caption when ur sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and the person behind you keeps honking their horn
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a tweet with the caption'for me the most shocking part of the ted bundy tapes was the fact that he lost 25 pounds in 6 days '
Humor | Someecards
a cartoon character holding a screwdriver in front of the caption that says me
17 True Crime Memes That All Murder Junkies Know Are True
the words i'm dtf down to f find out who killed jonbenet ramsay
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two pictures with the same caption and one saying that they are not in love
Run away while you can Gabriella!
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66 Funny Memes Of The Day To Make Your Laugh
two men with their hands in the air and one has his hand raised up to say something
Morbid Serial Killer Memes You Really Shouldn't Laugh At