Knaresborough Castle

A stronghold of medieval kings, Knaresborough Castle is beautifully set overlooking the River Nidd. Explore the castle with Real Yorkshire Tours and join a tour…
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a painting of a bridge over a river with people on boats in the foreground
The River Nidd at Knaresborough near Harrogate with a castle
a river running through a lush green forest filled with lots of trees under a cloudy sky
......the view from Knaresborough Castle of the viaduct.
an old stone building with a bench in front of it
Knaresborough castle
a black and white drawing of an old brick building with people walking past it on a snowy day
Knaresborough Castle
an old black and white photo of a castle with trees on the side of it
Knaresborough - Heritage Image Gallery - Lost in Castles
an aerial view of a bridge over a river with autumn trees in the foreground
Knaresborough. View from Castle. North Yorkshire.
flowers and trees in front of an old building
Knaresborough Castle Grounds in Spring Knaresborough North Yorkshire England
snow covered trees and stairs overlooking a river
River Nidd from the Castle Steps Knaresborough North Yorkshire England by Mark Sunderland, via Flickr
a woman holding a large black bird on her arm in front of a stone wall
Janette Igraine Hustwitt Skelton, Her Majesty's Keeper of Castle Ravens, Knaresborough by tricky (rick harrison), via Flickr
an old wooden door in the side of a stone building with steps leading up to it
Castle door Knaresborough
a snow covered park with trees and benches
The Castle in Winter Knaresborough North Yorkshire England
an image of a painting with people on the side and mountains in the back ground
Knaresborough Castle, 1802 by T. White
an old stone building with two towers under a cloudy sky
Knaresborough Castle Ruins - Yorkshire Plantagenet King and Queen Royal Hunting Castle near Harrogate
Knaresborough Castle ruins Yorkshire castle given to Queen Philippa by Edward III and a favorite hunting escape of King John, destroyed by Cromwell
a black and white photo of an old brick building with a broken flag on top
Knaresborough Castle, North Yorkshire 2011
an old stone building with a window in it
Castle Knaresborough