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a man is playing tennis on an indoor court with blue tarmac and white walls
Gallery of New Padel Pavilion / Saboia+Ruiz Arquitetos - 22
a large blue building with the word padel pro on it
Aces of Space | Padel Pro One Central
Padel Pro One Central | Aces of Space
a black and white tiled bathroom with a bench in the corner, next to a shower head
Mandarin Stone Tiles | Natural Stone, Porcelain & Decorative
a close up view of the back side of a metal object with gold foil on it
some brown and white tiles stacked on top of each other
lightweight construction material lisocore®
lisocore® is a high-performance construction material. With about only 50 percent material usage compared to aconventional wooden panel material, the same or even better stress grades can be achieved. This modern material achieves its excellent properties thanks to its unique and patented basic structure.
an open door leading to a kitchen with white counter tops and blue trim on the walls
a tree is growing in the middle of a concrete structure with metal bars around it
Galería de Restaurante Coati de Lina Bo Bardi y Lelé, bajo el lente de Manuel Sá - 2
an abandoned concrete building with trees growing out of it's walls and metal pipes
Retrospective: Lina Bo Bardi - Architectural Review
restaurant coati ,projetado em 1987 por Lina Bo Bardi e Joao Filgueiras Lima,fica na ladeira da Misericordia Pelourinho ,Salvador Bahia
the inside of an indoor shopping mall with lots of water and rocks on the ground
people are walking around in an empty building with water running through the floor and red lanterns hanging from the ceiling
Galería de Clásicos de Arquitectura: SESC Pompéia / Lina Bo Bardi - 2
Clásicos de Arquitectura: SESC Pompéia / Lina Bo Bardi | Plataforma Arquitectura
a vase sitting on top of a counter next to a wooden cabinet in a room