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Pinning all great ideas to help teachers get ready for Back to School. If you would like to collaborate, send me a message through Pinterest.
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Making Vision Boards With Your Students Social Emotional Learning Making vision boards with your students will empower them to envision their future and set ambitious goals! This resource includes comprehensive teacher directions, a 3-6 day lesson plan, sample vision board images, brainstorming sheets, and journaling prompts.


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CORE DAILY VOCABULARY BUNDLE Grades 2-5 Great for Sped & ESL by Jackie Crews
SENTENCE MAKERS BUNDLE by Jackie Crews | TPT If you need summer school resources for your literacy center for students to sort words and use them in sentence building , this set will work nicely for that! There are over 200 positive reviews on these combined resources. #summerschool #ESL #Jackiecrews #literacycenters #elementaryliteracy #iteachk12 #Englishlearners #earlychildhood #kindergarten #firstgrade #secondgrade


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I love using these worksheets and activities to supplement our new letter each week! They are great for so many things - homework, morning work, fast finishers! The posters are simply wordeful! And the Bingo game is fantastic! #alphabet #ESL #phonics #backtoschool #sped
Need a back to school bulletin board idea? This pink preppy tennis classroom door bulletin board kit is the perfect decor for your classroom. Display your students names for back to school time on the tennis sweaters which can be attached to a class door, wall, or bulletin board. Showcase your students with this bulletin board kit that is low prep and stylish all at the same time!

Classroom Decor

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With over 40 "ALL ABOUT ME" Task cards, there is information that will apply to each of your students. This is a wonderful independent work task for students with autism, or special learning needs. Your students will match, clip, mark with a dry erase marker, point to, say, or show on a voice output...

Social emotional learning

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An apple for the teacher. Free Back to School Math Mosaic and Key includes student graph recording sheet, graph coordinates and key. This free product involves learners in multiplication fact practice as well! Hurry! Be sure to follow my store because you will receive free UPDATES and occasionally secret free surprises. If you would like to see more of my resources, please follow me by clicking on the star near my name.
Free scavenger hunt for teachers to use the first days of school.


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Communication Folder Inserts
An Upper Elementary Collaborative blog written by 13 teachers.  Includes teaching ideas and resources for grades 3, 4, and 5.
Are you looking for parent communication ideas for your elementary classroom? In this post, I am sharing some of my favorite ways to build parent teacher relationships. I love to give parents a phone call and send home parent communication folders or take home folders so parents know what is going on at school. They also make for a great end of day classroom routine. Use these parent communication tips to increase parent relationships today!

Take home folders

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215 differentiated holiday math warm ups, bell ringers and exit tickets for elementary classrooms. Each slide is differentiated (usually color coding) so different students or groups can be assigned a fun mathematical celebration of a holiday at a level for success. Enough for the entire year! Inclu...
Add this to your list of activities for the first day of school. A fun and engaging name art activity to build community and get to know your students.


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Stuck2UStickerStudio - Etsy
Brighten your classroom with these adorable Editable Kindness Table Signs from One Fab Teacher! Perfect for fostering a positive and inclusive environment. Easily customize each sign to fit your classroom theme and encourage students to embody kindness, love, and sweetness. Ideal for teachers looking to promote a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Download now and transform your classroom today! #ClassroomDecor #KindnessMatters #EditableTableSigns #TeachingResources #PositiveClassroom #OneFabTeacher #MissMay
These Boho-themed Kindness Table Signs, the perfect addition to cultivating a warm and caring atmosphere in your classroom. This set of beautifully designed signs features six inspiring and uplifting words: "Caring," "Sweet," "Kind," "Love," "Hugs," and "Nice." Each sign is accompanied by an adorable illustration that adds a touch of whimsy and charm.


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Crafts in ELA? In Bundle Build a Craft 6 Reading Blends Silent Letter and Multisyllable Words, learners roll the dice and build! In these 6 lesson activities, students answer the question, roll the dice and build a craft with little to no prep. This bundle of reading games can be used as whole group teaching, an English Language Arts center station, intervention and parental involvement. Why learn, roll and make a craft? Learning is less stressful when fun can be had!


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Nothing will tricera-top this. These 12 dinosaur posters designate areas for students. Find out how to create the ultimate classroom with these amazing center tips! The 12 dinosaur center signs collection includes Reading, Writing, Math, Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Games, Computer, Music, Play, Listening, and Hands-On.


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Editable Special Education Teacher Planner - IEP Binder - Print & Digital
Editable Special Education Teacher PlannerFREE UPDATES!***NOW UPDATED FOR THE 2022/2023 SCHOOL YEAR!***Stay organized all year! This Special Education Teacher Planner is 100% editable in Google Drive (or PowerPoint). It can also be used on GoodNotes 5! You will be able to edit every page to fit yo...
Editable Special Education Teacher Planner - IEP Binder - Print & Digital


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Any fin is possible! In Boom™ Cards Fish Add Movable Suns to 20 Tens Frames Lesson Digital Resource, learners answer 15 questions. Students set up the problem to solve using tens frames and suns, then type in an answer and press submit. This resource can be used as whole group instruction, a math center station and an intervention. This activity is randomized or different for each lesson!
New! This free resource is especially for newcomers and special education students. It is simple color matching and is just the thing for students who need practice matching colors. #Jackiecrews #Englishlearners #kindergarten #preschool #matchcolors #colormatch #Boomcards #digitallearning #freebies


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Let's teach our kids to be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free by incorporating the prompts of Depth and Complexity not only for our GATE (Gifted and Talented), but for all kids!  This pack offers educational Depth and Complexity frames, and engaging activities to get your kids communicating, writing, thinking, creating, and saying no to drugs!


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Practicing place value concepts to the hundreds can be engaging and fun using Rally Coach! During this cooperative learning activity, partners will get the chance to "coach" each other while putting three digit numbers in unit, standard, expanded, and word forms.
This activity is a great math center when introducing or revisiting even and odd. Students sort the numbers on the even and odd mats and record their answer choices on their recording sheet. #OneFabTeacher #MathSort #ElementaryMath
Solve word problems involving metric system capacity concepts such as: adding and subtracting liters and milliliters, ordering and comparing mixed units (liters and milliliters), and converting units! Students also must communicate their thinking and steps through both oral and written language whic...


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Natural Disasters: WATER VOCABULARY QUIZ by Ms Amys Lessons | TpT
This is an interactive mini book with eight printable PDF pages and four DIGITAL pages focusing on the three important Earth Day words: reuse, recycle, and reduce. Simply copy and go. There is no teacher prep. Access the digital pages after purchase by clicking on TPT digital activity.Students cut the eight page book and staple it together. It's done in black and white mainly so kids can color and write and it does not have to be put in order. This is good for a literacy/ science station or for
Teach ecosystems in an engaging way using comprehension questions, writing, fun and educational activities, and even games! …


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Educators: Want a Stanley Tumbler? @sharemylesson is saving you time and giving away tumblers.
Ontario Kindergarten Teacher on Instagram: “These have been a GAMECHANGER for independence in the primary grades! Picture cues and all logins in one spot. A back is affixed for more…”


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This 5-post series is your cheat sheet for a smooth and successful return! *Easy Routine Starters- Set your classroom up for success with routines that run like clockwork. *Relationship-Building Activities- Make those first days count with engaging activities that connect you with your students. *Review Strategies that Rock!- Dive into review suggestions to solidify learning and build confidence. Get ready to ditch the stress and embrace a fantastic school year!
Teach students, parents, and staff about the school counselor and the services you provide with this editable flyer! This watercolor galaxy-themed meet the school counselor flyer is perfect for back-to-school. You can use this for open-house, school newsletters, classroom visits, and more. This no-prep printable is versatile with both color and black and white versions. Add some eye-catching color to welcome the new school year with!
Are you an instructional coach or administrator at an elementary school looking for a way to teach classroom management to your new or veteran teachers? This professional development will lead your teachers in the right direction before the school year begins or during the school year to create thei...

Classroom community

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If you would like a multifaceted resource that will be a review in rhyme and phonics, this 10 -page fictional reader is a good grab! It is really a poem in a "book" format that includes phonics that are specific to the text of the story. #rhyme #literacycenters #earlyliteracy #elementaryliteracy #takehomereaders #Englishlearners #ESL #Jackiecrews #reading
This product focuses on directional/positional words with cute puppy graphics in an interactive reader. I included 18 vocabulary cards and seven directional word phrases with picture support. There are seven directional mini cards for students to cut and paste into the reader. The reader is black and white to be ink friendly and the presentational cards are color for interest.
Four best-selling end of year products in one discounted bundle! Awards Summer Reading Program Memory Book Positive Mind Sets Affirmation Project Simplify your end of year planning with worthwhile and easy to implement projects that build student memories! SK Designs Teachers Pay Teachers

Language Arts

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BUNDLE - Geography of the United States - Physical & Political Three great resource, one great price!1) Geography of North America & United States - Political & Physical (Google Slide Deck) ⏰ Important Note About Google ⏰: This resource is made in Google Slides. After purchase you will d...
Wear your heart on your sleeve! Your room will be all medieval with beautiful decor and more. Nora G. commented, "Fabulous!" These 136 items are multi-purpose with little to no prep. These medieval organization materials can be used as desk name tags word walls bookmarks buckets classroom containers library shelves stationary notepaper poster areas of your room 6 note pages are headed with medieval phrase sayings (that are still used today) and more!

history / Social Studies

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Kente Graduation

Honor Society

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Transform your teaching experience with our Ultimate Digital Teacher Planner! This 900-page planner is designed to keep you organized and inspired throughout the 2024-2025 school year. Featuring vibrant designs, comprehensive layouts, and customizable sections, this planner is perfect for busy educators. Plan lessons, track student progress, and stay on top of your schedule with ease. Get your 900 Pages of Happy today and elevate your classroom organization! #TeacherPlanner #DigitalPlanner #ClassroomOrganization #TeacherLife #EducationTools
Teacher Tips – One Fab Teacher
Teaching is a demanding profession that requires careful planning, organization, and creativity. To navigate the challenges of the classroom effectively, teachers need a toolkit of essential supplies that can make their lives easier and more efficient. #onefabteacher #teacheressentialsupplies #teachertips #teachertipselementary


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36 gorgeous Autumn and harvest themed photos.   Spruce up your presentations, flashcards, holiday poetry, etc...    Contents: 1 Harvest Decoration, 3 background scenes, 5 carriages or wagons, 5 Jack O' Lantern Scarecrows, 5 Jack O' Lantern Scarecrow scenes, 6 flowers, and 11 floral arrangements.
Kindergarten Korner by Casey: A Fun Fall Bulletin Board: Squirrels and Acorn Writing Templates...Differentiated Kindergarten, first grade, second grade writing...Sight word writing...Fall Bulletin Board Ideas


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215 differentiated holiday math warm ups, bell ringers and exit tickets for elementary classrooms. Each slide is differentiated (usually color coding) so different students or groups can be assigned a fun mathematical celebration of a holiday at a level for success. Enough for the entire year! Inclu...
215 differentiated elementary holiday math warm ups, exit tickets, etc.
215 differentiated holiday math warm ups, bell ringers and exit tickets for elementary classrooms. Each slide is differentiated (usually color coding) so different students or groups can be assigned a fun mathematical celebration of a holiday at a level for success. Enough for the entire year! Inclu...
Share My Lesson Sweepstakes: Win a 40-ounce Stanley Tumbler
Educators: Want a Stanley Tumbler? @sharemylesson is saving you time and giving away tumblers.
an engaging team building activity for upper elementary students is included in the back to school escape room challenge
Back to School Escape Room Challenge!
Engaging Back to School Escape Game that promotes team building in a fun4th and 5th grade back to school activity! Review school safety, school tools, positive mindset, and school items and people in 6 cooperative puzzles designed to challenge and engage upper elementary students!
a girl is writing on a blackboard with an arrow pointing to the word evidence binder
OTES 2 Evidence Binder & Resource Pack!
Is your upcoming evaluation stressing you out? Are you worried about switching gears to the updated OTES 2 teacher performance? Does the rubric seem overwhelming? I provided brainstorming sheets and checklists for each domain that are packed with ideas and links to included resources that will provide you with the evidence you need!
the back to school cut and paste puzzles is shown with two pictures of backpacks
Back to School Cut and Paste Worksheets Fine Motor Puzzles
Make fine motor skill enhancement fun with these Back to School Cut and Paste Worksheets Fine Motor Puzzles! Students cut out the puzzle pieces and paste them on the paste mats to reveal a fun school picture. Once they're done, they can color the picture. Apart from improving fine motor skills, this activity also offers a range of educational benefits. Students will learn about different school objects, cultivate their visual and spatial reasoning skills, and practice their cutting and pasting skills, which are fundamental for their overall development.