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a drawing of a woman riding on top of a motorcycle with an evil demon in the background
Reminds me of Coop, if it weren't for her face.
an evil rat holding a cell phone in his hand and another cartoon character on the other side
Rat Fink Ed Big Daddy Roth - I Caught the Eyeball that
a drawing of a monster truck with a zombie on it
a cartoon monster riding on the back of a car with flames coming out of it
Wave Hunter by Britt8m on DeviantArt
an image of a cartoon character with big bad on it's face and mouth
Kustom Kulture- I Live For This Shit
an old car with a monster riding on it's back in front of a sign that says cruisin'chey
740 Big Daddy ED Roth "Rat fink" ART/Hotrod ART ideas in 2022 | rat fink, big daddy, ed roth art
a cartoon car with an angry monster driving it
an image of a cartoon monster riding on the hood of a car with a brain coming out of it