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four pictures of birds wearing hats and scarves
krokotak | WINTER BIRD
some black dices are sitting in front of spider web designs on white paper with the words printable template below them
there are many different pictures on the wall with clothes pins attached to them and some scissors in front of them
5th Grade ZENTANGLES WITH RAINBOW SPECTRUM PAINTBRUSHES have made their way onto our hallway bulletin boards! . . . I created this lesson…
the process is being made and it looks like they are making something out of wood
A hand with a heart (translate) @Pascale Lemay De Groof. This would make a great candy dish for grandparents (with the kids' hand prints) if you mod-podged it.
some paper flowers are hanging from the ceiling in an office cubicle with a clock
Oversized construction paper flowers we made in pre-k for decorations. Basically you need multi-colored construction paper cut into one inch strips, green leaves of any size/shape, and two yellow circles for the middle. We alternated the colors of paper for the petals. Start by glueing one strip to the yellow circle. Then alternate colors all the way around. Let that dry for a bit. Be sure to leave room and glue the green strip down for the stem. Then fold the petal strips over to giv...
three paintings on the wall with flowers in vases and words written on each side
Each kid makes their own flower to add to pot--Idea for class masterpiece for auction
an origami kite on a wooden table
Play and Pretend!
Another idea for the up and coming spring kites for April's National Kite Month art works.
colorful paper flowers hanging from the ceiling in an office
flowers - a little different way