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two people are posing for the camera and one is holding an umbrella
"Oh, dear... How betrayed Lucius Malfoy must feel..."
Harry Potter Memes Clean, Harry Potter Quotes Funny, Wallpaper Harry Potter, Harry Potter Voldemort
Harry Potter - Novelty & More: Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
harry potter and hermione's hogwarts, not all gryffindors are real
Hogwarts Houses
Harry Potter. I don't know why I'm reading old Harry Potter quotes and watching Doctor Who as well. Can you grab the tissues please?
some people are talking to each other about harry potter and the deathly hallows
J.K.Rowling nói rằng Lily có thể sẽ yêu Snape nếu Snape không đam mê nghệ thuật hắc ám. Cô Jo cũng thừa nhận rằng từng có ý định viết Dudley vào phần kết , đứng ở sân ga 9 3/4 với đứa con là phù thủy, nhưng cuối cùng lại thôi vì từ Phép thuật không có trong từ điển của nhà Dudley.
an image of a man with white hair on his face and the words, oh god my heart
four different images with the same text on them
The girls from the seven are missing but considering that they don't have movies...
an image of many different types of items in the same color and size as well as their names
Anything that can happen will happen
Harry Potter in details
a collage of harry potter pictures with the caption not having a mother does not mean you can always wear the same shirt
This is one of the biggest jokes in the Harry Potter fandom.
the poem mary him she only wants him
If only I could find someone like this.