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an airplane is flying over the snow covered ground
an old black and white photo of people walking up a hill with trenchs in the foreground
World War I in Photos: The Western Front, Part II, and Armistice
German troops cross a field, ca. 1918. #
an old black and white photo of a man standing next to a small plane in the grass
Classic Fighters 2005
an old airplane sitting on top of a dirt field next to a building and another plane in the background
DeHavilland DH 5 A9474 41 Squadron
an old black and white photo of some men working on a plane in the dirt
two men working on an old race car
two men standing next to an airplane in the snow with another man looking at it
Ньюпор-10. 1917 год
four men standing in front of an old airplane
Hannover CL.II
an airplane flying in the sky over some grass and land with two flags on each wing
DRI Jasta 12 - unknow b