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a man with blonde hair wearing a white shirt
─ ✧・゚suqaplum | ig ; raini.c
two pictures of the same person with different hair colors and makeup looks like they are looking at each other
the young man is standing in front of a mirror
moon and sun
what a relief, that we are seven.
Jimin | BTS I sit like that all the time. It's so comfy
When your friend comes running to you after she ignored your warnings and kept going back to the same scrub...
black and white photo of two young men with headphones in their ears looking at something
Here I I am trying to live a sin-free life and then you go and do that. It's always the ones you trust who hurt you...why must you inflict such pain on me!? On another note what good deed must I have committed to be blessed in such a way!?
two people sitting in the water with one holding an electronic device and another looking at something
Jimin is doing great
Jungkook ♡.♡ Idol, Foto Jungkook, Foto Bts, Taekook, Korea, Jungkook Cute
Jungkook ♡.♡
the young man is smiling for the camera
four boys sitting on top of each other with their arms around one another's shoulders
BTS Shares Adorably Awkward Family Portraits for ‘2015 BTS FESTA’
BTS celebrate their 2nd anniversary with a 'Real Family Picture' photo shoot!
an image of a person with glasses pointing to the side and text that reads, this picture has me feeling some type of way maybe maybe it's the messy blonde hair
two people with hats on and one is looking at the camera
this is kinda freaky tho like it almost looks like 2 different ppl
a group of young men standing next to each other
Namjoon oppa, calm down.