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black and white photograph of a person's bare feet on a wooden table top
Julio Bocca, Ballet Argentino by Patrick Demarchelier
the bare legs and feet of a person with no shoes on, in front of a black background
Fit and furious
Fit and furious
an image of a hand that has been made out of blue and white lines on it
無料でダウンロードして使えるUV展開されてる手の3DCGモデル|3DCG最新情報サイト MODELING HAPPY
無料でダウンロードして使えるUV展開されてる手の3DCGモデル | 3DCG最新情報サイト MODELING HAPPY
an animal that is made out of polygonal mesh and has been designed to look like a
Giant Wolf 3d model
an animation character is shown in three different poses, including the arms and legs with hands extended
the male base mesh is shown in three different angles and sizes, including one for each body
LimbTopology - Polycount Wiki | Character, Animatie
You will notice that I have a lot of wireframe references on my account. This is…
three different poses of a man with no shirt on
Personnage - Cinema 4D - fabb - 2014
an animation character is standing in front of another character
WIP Small Works Art Thread