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a note with the words i'd like to thank my middle finger for always being there, sticking up for me all those times when i need it most
37 Inspirationally Random Funny Pics To Crazy Up Your Day | Team Jimmy Joe
Funny Quotes ~ I'd like to thank my middle finger
a minion is standing in front of a sign that says, my mom said follow your dreams so i went back to bed
I do that all the time!
a minion with the caption omg, i have finally discovered what's wrong within my brain
a minion with the caption i actually don't need to control my anger everyone around me needs to control their habit of pissing me off
Minion Math Jokes, Minion Humor
a yellow minion with glasses on it's face and the words never go to bed angry stay awake and plot reverse
a minion holding a trumpet with the caption, i just stepped on a cornflake now i am officially a cereal killer
a minion with the words dear math please grow up and solve your own problems
Hell yeah
two minion characters with the caption did you just fall? no i attacked the floor
Why do people ask that question
... or two depending on the season! Quotes Relatable, Fast Life
... or two depending on the season!
two minion cartoon characters with caption that says, the officer said, you drinking? i said, if you buying?
a minion with the caption police pulled me over and asked me you know how fast you were going? i said obvious