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Mariano Fortuny, Fashion Tips For Men, Mode Boho, Design Textile, Styl Vintage, Indian Summer, Moda Vintage, 1920s Fashion, Vintage Coat
Mariano Fortuny Green Stencilled Velvet Long Coat
three women in long dresses are running on the beach near the water and one woman is wearing a hat
Gertrude Hubbell, Ruth Peters and Mildred Grimwood, hiking their skirts at the shoreline of the beach in Averne, Queens, New York, NY, photo by Wallace G. Levison, September 8, 1897
an old black and white photo of two women sitting at a table in a train car
Thrilling Escapes: How To Travel Like Agatha Christie
Fashion Photography School, The Sartorialist, London Street Style, London Photos, Street Fashion Photography, Edwardian Era
Street style before everyone became a fashion blogger
Evening Coat, 1920 Fashion, Mode Vintage, Looks Style, Vintage Handbags, Art Clothes, Historical Fashion
Babani | Evening coat | French | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an old black and white photo of three women talking to each other on the sidewalk
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two women are walking down the sidewalk in coats and hats, one is holding her hand out to another woman
Days Gone By
an old photo of two women walking down the street with shopping bags on their heads
Female Focus
an old black and white photo of two women in hats looking at their cell phones
an old photo of a woman with a bicycle
young lady cyclist ca. 1900