Play dough

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an assortment of neon colored sticks and balls on a table
Play At Home Mom LLC
use straws to build with playdough
the glow stick play dough is made from plastic straws
Glow Stick Play Dough
Glow Stick Play Dough - when you need a quick activity to make your child smile
two green leaves on top of each other in front of a white circle with the words, scented playdouh
How to make mint scented play dough
Mint scented play dough recipe for kids to enjoy playing with.
two pictures with the words making dough people on them, and an image of some food
Early Years ideas from Tishylishy
Making dough faces and people. Printables from Picklebums
playdough bug fossiles with text overlay
Playdough Bug Fossils
Playdough Bug Fossils So cute for Apolobia Zoology 1 #homeschool science, bug craft, preschool craft, #preschool
two plates filled with different types of buttons and beads next to each other on a table
chip n dip platter play dough activity presentation :-)
a yellow toy with googly eyes and red letters on it's head, sitting on a black surface
35+ Things to Make with Play Dough: Pretend, Create, Learn
play dough activities
playdough mats are fun and easy to make
Playdough Mats - Sing A Story
FREE printable play dough mats