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the process of making a clay face is shown in four different pictures, including one being applied
Comment sculpter la structure de la peau ? En utilisant une éponge! - How to make skin look real in sculpting ? By using your sponge ! - Как достичь натурального эффекта кожи на глине ? Используйте спонж.
four plates with different designs on them
Elena Salmistraro, una designer eclettica e visionaria • Design
a black and white photo of a face on a piece of art that is made out of metal
Neil - Archive — Alasdair Neil & Sally MacDonell Ceramics
Archive - Alasdair Neil & Sally MacDonell Ceramics
a wooden sculpture with a face on it's head and hands holding a piece of wood
a sculpture is sitting on a table in a room
Georges Saulterre
a stone head is shown in front of a wall with geometric designs on it's face
two different views of a helmet made out of paper and wood, each with an intricate design on the side
Korean Ceramic Artist, Lee Yun Hee: Porcelain Imaginings — sadie dyson . the art she sees
a sculpture of a head with a building on top of it's head, in front of a white wall
PAN Kurios! Temple Ov Arts — Sculptures by Gaelle Weissberg (Gaëlle Weissberg).