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two people are standing in front of the eiffel tower
Going Away
several people holding up their cell phones to show pictures on the same screen as each other
Unique Bridal Portrait
a man and woman dancing on stage with words written in the background that read, turn toh mormin ho, or bhakka momin hi hai hai hai
a woman in a red dress holding a cup and looking at the camera with a caption that reads, one who wants to wear the crown is near the crown
Sweater Dress
#uglyDuckling #dont Ugly Duckling, The Outsiders
#uglyDuckling #dont
Bomber Jacket
there is a man wearing a tie and holding his hands in his pockets with the caption, they know us
there are two pictures with the same caption in each one that is true or fake
an image of two people sitting at a table with food in front of them and the caption that reads, it is the patron in my mind
a man riding on the back of a motorcycle next to another person with a helmet