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a man standing in front of a white car
a woman sitting on top of a bed wearing a white shirt and patterned pants with a black headband
Myanmar Art, Wedding Picture Poses, Dresses Designs, Boy Photography Poses
National Costume Of Burmese Men In Kongbaung Period; MYANMAR 🇲🇲
a woman standing in front of a wall holding an umbrella and wearing a white coat
Myanmar 🇲🇲|Burma traditional costume.
Burmese traditional dress worn only by Burmese men. The Burmese are the people who wear Luntaya Acheik. Burmese culture comes from the Burmese people. The Burmese first invented the well-known Thingyan or Watering Festival. In addition, Burma invented the Luntaya Acheik, and the Burmese still wear the Luntaya Acheik today. Burma is a little hot and they apply Thanaka. (The wooden block is cool.)#Burma#Luntayaacheik #Traditional#Thanaka#only#one and only
a person standing in front of a red curtain wearing a white shirt and orange pants
Burma people (ဗမာလူမျိုး)🇲🇲
Techwear Shoes, Myanmar Dress Design, Traditional Clothing, Dress Design, Art Original
Burmese traditional clothing during Kongbaung period| -Myanmar
two people standing next to each other near a building
Burma people (ဗမာလူမျိုး)🇲🇲
Burmese traditional costume #Burma culture #Burma boy #only in Burma
the man is dressed in white and holding a silver bowl with flowers on it's side
Burma people (ဗမာလူမျိုး)🇲🇲
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