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an old woman wearing sunglasses and beaded necklaces
Karen Walker’s Spring Ads Are the Most Charming
Karen Walker’s Spring Ads Are the Most Charming - The Cut
a woman wearing gold and black jewelry
See All the Amazing Beauty Moments From AfroPunk South Africa 2017 | Essence
Jean Editorial, Solar Punk Fashion, Solarpunk Fashion, Solar Punk, Futurism Fashion, Afrofuturism Art
'lagos futurism’ is at the forefront of this fashion-forward editorial - AFROPUNK
a woman wearing a mask and necklace with a clock on it's face,
'The Old Ticker' ~A Bank-Breaking Steam Mask From Oculto!
Steampunk mask, jewelry
Steampunkopath — Steampunk Girls Tumblr, Steam Girl, African American Culture, Alt Style, Punk Girl, Steampunk Costume
Steampunkopath — Steampunk Girls
a woman with pearls on her face and hands around her neck, wearing an elaborate headpiece
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