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a woman with mud on her face
a woman with white hair and makeup is looking at the camera
interesting faces
a woman with makeup on her face wearing a leopard print hat
Model with albinism poses for powerful photo with 'prison bae' star
a man wearing a baseball cap and sunburn on his face
39 People Whose Genetics Made Them Unique
Birthmark On Face, Mama Baby, Face Makeup Tips, Try Not To Laugh, Grunge Hair, Mothers Love, Beautiful Skin
Mom Paints Large Birthmark on Her Face to Match Son: 'I Have Never Treated Him as Different'
a man and woman are shown before and after their makeup make - up has been removed
Katie Piper acid attacker Stefan Sylvestre released from prison after nine years
two women are smiling for the camera
Katie Piper: After my horrific acid attack, I'm giving other burns victims a chance to face the world again
a woman with makeup on her face standing in front of a table and smiling at the camera
Since her attack, Rupa has worked with Chhaon and the nonprofit group Stop Acid Attacks to help other victims and to become financially independent.
a smiling woman with her face painted green and pink
Acid attack survivors network in Bangladesh - in pictures