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an employee's statement form for the company
Coaching on Classroom Management - Ms. Houser
Coaching on Classroom Management
the first year special education teachers advice to make your first iep meeting a success
What I Wish I Knew Before My First IEP Meeting: Advice from Veteran Teachers
Preparing for and running your first IEP meeting can be intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. If you are a first year special education teacher or participating in an IEP meeting for the first time, here is some advice from veteran teachers who have been where you are. My hope is that this advice will run an IEP meeting with confidence, develop a rapport with parents, communicate your special needs students’ goals and objectives clearing and come away from the meeting knowing it was a success
the summer to - do list for the first year teacher where to start and how to prioritize
The Summer To-Do List for First Year Teachers | Teacher Off Duty
a printable worksheet for beginning of the year with words and pictures on it
Beginning of the Year Procedures and Expectations Checklist - Mrs. Richardson's Class
back to school checklist for teachers with the words back to school written on it
15 Things to Do Before School Starts - Fun in First
the top four things i wish i would have done as a first year teacher
The Best Advice for First Year Teachers
Let’s face it, being a first year teacher can be HARD. And being a first year special education teacher can be even harder. There’s so much to learn and figure out: writing IEPs, data collection, monitoring IEP goals, holding IEP meetings, and so much more. While your first year of teaching may be difficult, here are 4 things that can make your first year as a teacher a little easier. These are things I WISH I had done as a first year teacher and advice I give to all new teachers.
a colorful poster with the words if your teacher tips from teachers who care
First Year Teacher Tips