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three circles labeled in different languages with the words, environment, and society
Educator Center Overview - Microsoft Learn Educator Center
Teaching Sustainable Development Goals - Microsoft in Education
an image of a solar panel with the words energy written in green letters on it
Energia Solar Energia Sustentável Social Media PSD Editá
a close up of a tree trunk with text describing the benefits of biomiity
Francesca Grant- The 9 basic principles of biomimicry which can be applied to everything, really.
the inside of a building with many circular holes on it's walls and stairs
Naturalis: um museu sobre biodiversidade
an artisticly designed room with red, yellow and white stripes on the floor is shown
Colorful Anamorphosis on the Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse
Colorful Anamorphosis on the Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse – Fubiz Media
a green logo with an arrow pointing to the planet in it's center, on a light green background
Energy Green Planet Letter E Logo
Modern Energy Green Planet Letter E logo for sale. Energy Green Planet Letter E is very suitable for companies related to green energy, sustainable resources, renovable energies; technician; electric car; transportation; manufacturing; delivery; logistics; global services; smart green solutions; eee named brands or any kind of business related to green energy alternatives.