Meet Gudetama! Eggs are yummy… boiled, baked or raw. There are many ways to make an egg, but eggs are so lazy (gude gude in Japanese). Look closely and you will…
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tamago to bed on #internationalsushiday... 🥚 #gudetama roll by _joodaily_ on IG.
international sushi day | gudetama
tamago to bed on #internationalsushiday... 🥚 #gudetama roll by _joodaily_ on IG.
slow and steady... #mondaymotivation
one (lazy) step at a time | gudetama
slow and steady... #mondaymotivation
a cartoon character floating on an inflatable raft with the words find the sude every day
find the gude in every day | gudetama
summertime gude-ness ✨ #mondaymotivation
a white plate topped with bacon, toast and an alarm clock on top of a wooden table
Gudetama 35mm Camera | Gudetama
Say meh! 📸💛 The new Gudetama 35mm camera is available now!
an image of eggs and other foods on a yellow background with the words your birth month type
national egg day | gudetama
which egg are you? 🥚 #nationaleggday
an orange cat laying on top of a white egg with the words, just roll with it
Just Roll With It | Gudetama
Sometimes it’s best to roll wherever life takes you 🥚✨️ #mondaymotivation
an egg laying on top of a pan with the words slow progress still progress
Slow Progress Is Still Progress | Gudetama
One step at a time 💛 #mondaymotivation
an orange background with the words when life gives you mondays, make them over easy
when life gives you mondays, make them over easy | gudetama
Make the most of it... 🍳 #mondaymotivation
a sandwich with bacon on it and the words nap often worry less embrace the lazy
nap often, worry less, embrace the lazy | gudetama
Embrace the lazy today 💛 #mondaymotivation
a hello kitty sticker sitting on top of a yellow surface with the words friend of the month
Sanrio Friend of the Month Gift | Gudetama
Friend of the Month pins are back! Get our Friend of the Month gift FREE when you spend $50 or more in Sanrio stores and online - no code needed ❤️
Gudetama Mobile Wallpapers
Bring Gudetama wherever you go📱🥚 Download your favorite wallpaper now✨
a calendar with cartoon characters on it
Friend of the Month May Calendar | Gudetama
Start fresh this month with Gudetama! 🗓 Download your free Friend of the Month calendar now!
a cartoon character sitting on top of a piece of bread with the caption'meet gudetama '
Meet Gudetama
Happy Month of May (meh)... ✨ Gudetama is our Friend of the Month and is ready to celebrate HelloKitty's 50th Anniversary! Here are some fun facts about our favorite lazy egg 🥚
an orange and white poster with the words rise and shine eventually
rise and shine | gudetama
...maybe later 💤 #mondaymotivation
an egg with the words do what you love written in white and orange on a yellow background
do what you love | gudetama
love being lazy... #mondaymotivation