10 Pins
a sign that is sitting on the side of a road with words written below it
False friends
an orange and white poster with the names of different languages in each language on it
50 falsos amigos/false friends español-inglés
INGLÉS / ESPAÑOL: 50 falsos amigos.
an english language book with the words shapes and numbers on it, which include children climbing stairs
English Spanish Cognates Shapes Poster
English/Spanish Cognates Shapes Poster
the different types of boats are shown in this diagram
75 Most Helpful Spanish Cognates You Need to Know | TakeLessons
75 Cognates in Spanish Infographic
a poster showing the different types of vegetables
spanish cognates
an image of spanish and english false friends
Lápiz de ELE
FALSES FRIENDS SPANISH-ENGLISH. Inphographic and Flashcards! :D Infografía y flash cards de falsos amigos inglés-español.
a poster with different types of transportation on it
English/Spanish Cognates: Transportation
English/Spanish Cognates: Transportation
the words are written in different colors and shapes on a white board with orange, green, and blue squares
Walls for Language Learners
A Cognate Wall is a helpful space for any classroom with language learners. Cognates are words that sound similar and have a similar meaning in two different languages. For instance, "chocolate" while pronounced a bit differently, is spelled the same in both English and Spanish and means the same thing.
the english and spanish language words are shown in this table listing different types of languages
Spanish - English Cognates - similar words |
Spanish - English Cognates #ELL #education
an english language worksheet with the words what is a cognate?