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two people walking across a red field next to the ocean with trees and mountains in the background
스토리가 궁금해지는 포스터! 최세진 디자이너
스토리가 궁금해지는 포스터! 최세진 디자이너 : 네이버 블로그
a pink poster with the words,'zine gabore'on it
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Poster | Source: T H O X T
a drawing of a person with their hands on the face of another person's head
Night Imagined as a Human-like Figure in New Black and White Illustrations by David Álvarez — Colossal
Night Imagined as a Human-like Figure in New Black and White Illustrations by David Álvarez | Colossal
an abstract painting with red and blue paint on the wall, in dark room area
infospace architecture
the menu for bromaj - ta is displayed in front of an orange and black background
@lucyengelmanillustration's page from the FREELANCER'S COOKBOOK for @pprbase. Bummed she's leaving town tomorrow. See you around bud! #Risograph Flo Orange and Teal on 60#t Domtar Earthchoice Colors Cream
people walking down an alley at night with neon signs on the buildings and street lights
The Neon Glow of Tokyo and London's Nightlife Captured by Liam Wong — Colossal
Art Director Liam Wong spends his days directing the visual identity of video games at Ubisoft, while his nights are spent exploring the neon-splashed streets of his city of Tokyo. Wong places these images, that seem to mimic the appearance of a video game themselves, on Instagram. Here he has a
three different shots of traffic lights in the dark
51 Of The Most Epic Long Exposure Shots Ever
Long Exposure Photography Collection Traffic Light Long Exposure
several pieces of paper are laid out on a table with scissors and other crafting supplies
If you're looking hard enough you can find me printing these little guys off every night this week. I'm working on an edition of 75 of these 26p zines for the upcoming @casual.business photography exhibition. I'm really happy with the way these are coming out—striking a balance between the graphic, editorial nature of the zine medium while retaining the integrity of the photographer's work.
four different paintings are displayed on the wall, and one has been made with acrylic paint
Zines! Porque amá-los?
Zines! Porque amá-los? #zines #editorialdesign #fanzine
a person is holding an open book with pictures on it and the pages are purple
PITCH Zine | People of Print
#people #pitch #print #zine #ofPITCH Zine | People of Print
several pink and blue postcards are stacked on top of each other, with an image of two men sitting at a table
7&7 Is No. 2 Zine + Flexi, by Hidden Volume Records
7&7 Is No. 2 Zine + Flexi | Hidden Volume Records
someone is holding an open book with drawings on it and the pages are colored pink, blue, and purple
Risograph Zine
Risograph Zine by Logan Faerber