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a red crocheted blanket hanging on the wall
Ultimate Blanket/Quilt roundup (over 200!) and Luke's Loves!
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the crochet hook is laying on top of the table
An 'Even Better' Granny Rectangle
An 'Even Better' Granny Rectangle
four crocheted squares with colorful flowers on them are arranged in the shape of circles
195K views · 20K likes | Megan Ballarini on Instagram: "What to do with scraps or a jumbled mess of yarn? How about scrappy granny squares! Join the separate strands together using the “magic knot” method. Crochet like normal and watch the fun unfold!"
four skeins of yarn in different colors and sizes with names on each skewer
Stylecraft Special DK Colour Combinations - Beautiful Vintage Pastels
Stylecraft Special DK Colour Combinations – vintage pastels - The Crochet Swirl