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an empty room with wood flooring in the middle and electrical plugged into the wall
:: The New Paper-flooring-Pt.2 DIY
Corn in My Coffee Pot: :: The New Paper-flooring-Pt.2 DIY
wood stain is being used to make beautiful wood stains for furniture and home decor projects
Make Wood Stain - 7 Ways! - A Piece Of Rainbow
Make Wood Stain - 7 Ways!
an old wooden table with paint on it and the words salt wash paint recipe below
How to make Salt Wash Paint
Step by step tutorial of how to make your own DIY Salt Wash Paint with items you probably already have in your home. You can make it in minutes :) It's super easy - and great to do with kids! Simple easy Salt wash paint recipe you can make at home that is affordable and cheap to make. It creates a very chippy, vintage, layered look for all your painting projects. Make a piece of new board look 100 years old with this technique. You can use this to upcycle benches, chairs, signs and more!
the process of painting wood with paint and brush
What's the Difference Between Polyurethane, Varnish, Shellac and Lacquer?
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in front of a window with text overlay reading how to convert a hard - wired chandelier to a plug - in lamp
How to Add a Plug to a Hardwired Light Fixture or Chandelier - Hawk Hill
I love chandeliers so much! So glamorous and girly, but sadly limited to being placed only within reach of an electrical box- or so I thought! Some imagination and pestering questions at my local h…
a paint brush sitting on top of a wooden table
Quick Tip: Use Vinegar to Give Wood a Weathered Look
Make your own DIY wood stain with vinegar and steel wool. It's the perfect stain for antiquing and weathering wood furniture.
the instructions for how to make a chandelier with glass beads and buttons on it
10 Inexpensive Updates For a Builder Grade Home
Inexpensive tips and tricks for updating a basic builder grade home.
how to make your own dark finishing wax
How to Make your Own Dark Finishing Wax – DIY (All Natural)
how to build a screen door for your home
How to Build a Screen Door - DIY Screen Door
How to build a screen door. DIY Screen Door. Custom screen door design dimensions.
a person wiping off the top of a table with a cloth on it and a jar of coconut oil
Refinishing Old Wood with Coconut Oil
Refinishing Old Wood with Coconut Oil
how to turn a hard wire into a plug
How to Turn a Hard Wire Light Fixture into a Plug In - Maison de Pax
the instructions for how to rewire a lamp are shown in four different pictures, with text overlay
How to Rewire a Lamp
How to Rewire a Lamp
how to rewire a lamp
How to Rewire a Lamp