Vegetable & Edible Gardening

You can have your own vegetable garden and plant your own food. What a wonderful project that is inexpensive and easy to do in your own home, or back yard. Plant vegetable seeds any time of year for fresh vegetables you have grown yourself, organic too.
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Easy to grow from this vegetable seed, this hot pepper variety is one of the most used chili peppers in Mexican cuisine.  Serrano Peppers are typically eaten raw and have a bright and biting flavor that is notably hotter than the jalapeño pepper.  A unique property is that these popular hot peppers start out green when immature and into yellow, orange, red, or purple in color.
We are growing this parsley herb from seed in our of our planters. It is really easy and germinates well. We use it almost daily for culinary purposes. Did you know Parsley is also a medicinal herb that is often used as a domestic medicine. Many benefits for Petroselinum crispum #herbs #growparsley #growveggies
7 Tips for Growing Cucumbers

Fruit garden

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With Beautiful Spring Blooms this Edible Crabapple Tree is a Winner
A hardy Malus fruit tree species with fragrant white flowers in the spring, crabapples add height and texture to your landscape. The fruit can be eaten raw or cooked in the fall or make a delicious cider. Malus baccata is flowers are a source of pollen and nectar for bees and other insects.
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Exotic Purple Carrots for an Edible Garden
Planted from seed vegetables are probably the most common to plant in a home grown edible garden . For carrots that are easy to grow, fun and something special on your table.
Many Root Vegetables are biennial Plants like Detroit Dark Red Beets
A best garden beet, like Detroit Dark Red is intended for early spring planting, and ready to harvest just a couple of months after planting vegetable seeds. These beets produce excellent tops for beet greens and 2-3 inch ruby red roots for pickling and steaming.The tops are loaded with vitamin A and the roots with Vitamin C.Beet seed can take two weeks to germinate so an old trick is to sow radish seeds in the same row.
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How to Improve Soil for Gardening
How to Improve Soil for Gardening
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Gardening Tips From The Experts
Gardening Tips From The Experts
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Grow Vegetables At Home
Raphanus sativus Cherry Belle Cherry Belle Radish seed for sale
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Cumin Seeds
Cuminum cyminum, Cumin--A hot and aromatic flavour, it is an important ingredient in curries, and is also often used as a flavouring in biscuits, cakes and bread where it also helps in improving the digestion.
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Fruit Vines
Passiflora edulis Purple Granadilla, Passion Fruit--Fruit - raw or cooked. An agreeable cooling taste, somewhat like an orange with a mixture of acid. The ripe aromatic fruit is allowed to wrinkle and develop sweetness, it is then eaten raw, juiced, made into a syrup or used in sauces, cakes etc. The fruit is about 5cm in diameter. An edible oil is obtained from the seed.
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Winged Bean
The Winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus), also known as the Goa bean ( kacang botol in Malaysia) and Asparagus Pea and Winged Pea (Lotus tetragonolobus), is a tropical legume plant native to Papua New Guinea. It grows abundantly in hot, humid equatorial countries, from the Philippines and Indonesia to India, Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka. It does well in humid tropics with high rainfall.
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Grow Vegetables At Home
Dozens of different vegetable seed varieties available for purchase!
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Macadamia Nut seed for sale
Macadamia integrifolia is a tree in the Proteaceae family, native to Queensland in Australia. Common names include macadamia nut, bauple nut, Queensland nut or nut oak.
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Edible Fruit To Grow
Arctostaphylos patula - Greenleaf Manzanita seed for sale - EDIBILITY: Fruit - raw or cooked. The fully ripe fruit is pleasantly acid with a flavour resembling green apples. #fruitseeds #growfood #gardening
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Vegetable seeds for sale
Dark Green Zucchini is an Heirloom favorite. It is an early bush zucchini that produces a high yield of straight dark green cylindrical fruit.
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Vegetable seeds
Lemon Cucumber seed for sale Reliably sweet, rarely bitter.* They deliver heavy yields all season long, not to mention good resistance to scab and cucumber mosaic virus.